Cloud Service

Migrate to the Atlassian Cloud Platform

Obsidian has been a long standing partner of Atlassian. Our journey from Atlassian’s solution to assist our team of managed service experts deliver better services to clients and improve team performance.

With the journey to cloud solutions, we believe the value is enhanced. As an Atlassian Cloud Specialised Partner we will help you successfully migrate your enterprise Atlassian stack to their Cloud Platform.

Our Engagement Model

Why Cloud?

Do you understand the risks, rewards and ROI of moving to Atlassian cloud for your business?

Setup a free call to assess the Atlassian Cloud ROI with our consultants.

What to migrate?

Do you have multiple Atlassian apps and configurations or a complex environment that requires an audit?

We ensure the current apps are running and supported within the cloud.

We have alternative solutions for apps that are not supported.

Is it clean?

Do you understand the licensing model and are you prepared for migration from a DC Deployment to cloud?

Our team reduces risk by identifying:

  • Duplicate and unused users and groups
  • Configurations not used
  • Apps not used

Are you ready?

Do you know where your data is being stored when moving to Atlassian Cloud?

The full migration is tested between an on-prem test environment and a Cloud test environment for aspects identified in the environment audit.


Which part of the migration will still be manual and what Atlassian Cloud migration tools do not cover your full migration?

We would be liars if every migration is without challenges.

We monitor and fix all items that might have resulted in failures during migration.


Do you have the right skills with experience in cloud migrations?

We provide configuration support on new apps to support migration.

We support the migration post-go-live date.

What service from Atlassian is right for you?


Atlassian Cloud is great for customers that have flexible data residency requirements.
Cloud compliance needs to meet your organisation’s standards and requirements for certifications see SOC2, ISO 27001/27018, PCI DSS v3.2, SAQ A, and more.
Manage, save and positively impact your total cost to company for your maintenance on infrastructure and administration.
Scale faster and affordably in the cloud without concerns of upgrades, support and maintenance.
Increase your team’s productivity, speed, and performance by moving to Atlassian’s Cloud solution.

Atlassian Data Center is great for customers that want full control over where their data lives, the infrastructure that supports Jira and when upgrades happen.
Data Center allows you strict data hosting and localisation settings for regulations on security and compliance specifications.
Data Centre requires a team that is able to handle the complexity of setting up and hosting applications on your servers.
You are confident you can secure and maintain your Data Centre or you have partnered with our Managed Services team to assist you.
Avoid and minimise the impact on users caused by downtime.